What Sunrider foods do you need in the winter?


Top Ten Sunrider Foods for Environmental Protection

Eat The Basic Sunrider Products Regeneration Foods Daily As A Foundation For Health

NuPlus Nourish and strengthen all the body

Calli Enhance the removal of wastes from the body

Quinary Strengthen all 5 major body systems

Fortune Delight Flush fats and impurities

Suncare Balances blood sugar levels. Add these foods as needed to help and support your body through the cold, flu and virus season:

.VitaFruit – This is a highly concentrated, delicious herb fruit juice. Vitafruit is rich in vitamin C, antioxidants, amino-acids and beta carotene – the best! Vitafruit helps the healing of tissue and slows aging. It has helped reduce fever in children. It will improve anyone’s mood! The “happy fruit”. A wonderful drink for a feeling of well-being!! Stir one TBS. or 1 vial into cold water or NuPlus & enjoy. Do not put in boiling water.


Sunbreeze Essential Oil and Balm – Sunbreeze is a soothing, penetrating oil or balm that eases pain, and helps the body heal external injuries. It naturally promotes more blood circulation in the areas where it is applied and the body does its own healing. A formula that’s wonderful for sinus headache and pressure, sore throats, chest congestion, sore and achy muscles, arthritis, and much more.


Alpha 20 C – Alpha 20 C nourishes the immune system, fights infection, and helps the liver. It is a wonderful herb food that strengthens the body’s ability to defend itself from major problems.

Conco – Conco nourishes the auto-immune system which is respiratory, lymphatics and sinus. It helps decrease mucous and prevents colds and the flu. The above two formulas, Alpha 20 C and Conco, work synergistically together. We use them together if we want to avoid a cold or flu.

Evergreen – This unique liquid chlorophyll nourishes the circulatory and digestive systems. It purifies and oxygenates blood, and counteracts body odors. Evergreen is an excellent source of iron that the body can easily assimilate. It is favored for pre-natal use. A grandmother shared that it helped reduce a fever in her grandkids…she opened a vial, added a few drops of Suncare and put in a straw and let them sip. Follow with water.


SunnyFresh – A liquid syrup that contains loquat, honey, and other herb foods. It is soothing for the respiratory, throat, and voice.


Fortune Delight – This low calorie herbal beverage, cools the body, and supplies it with needed minerals (electrolytes) and water. Often it is the only thing that tastes good, stays down, and keeps the body from dehydrating when burning up with fever. It can be sweetened with Sunny Dew or Sunectar .


Also Remember:

SunSmile Fruit & Vegetable Rinse – This cleans your fruits and veggies of herbicides, pesticides, and oily substances, and to keep your home and body free of contaminants, bacteria, fungus and other unwelcome critters! Use for cleaner produce and a healthier life!

Hand & Body Lotion – Our hand & body lotions exceed all others in quality. They contain no mineral oil or petroleum products that age skin and clog pores. Dr. Chen’s Hand & Body Lotion, and Oi Lin Hand & Body Lotion are rich in concentrated herbal extracts and Vitamin E. These outstanding lotions will retain moisture in the skin up to 12 hours. You will absolutely notice a difference with these! Young adults find them far superior to the ones in the bath stores in the malls!
Remember, if you do not have or are not able to have these 10 products on hand, eat and drink more of the basics, that is where regeneration is.